Hansel and Gretel from The World Games arrive in Minsk!

The World Games 2017 mascots have travelled the world promoting the Games, and today they landed in Belarus to mark IFMA’s world championships. This is the final chance for IFMA athletes to grab one of the remaining 11 slots for the Games in Wroclaw.

Gretel said: ‘We’re planning on watching every one of the 10 days of competition, I’m really excited to meet the female athletes who are going to come to my home-town in Poland. Wroclaw is a fantastic city, they will love it!’

And Hansel said he’s also going to come to every day of the competition, adding: ‘I’m also going to attend the Committee meetings, as I want to talk to everyone about fair play and equality. I’m also working with IFMA on the #heforeShe campaign, we all have to work together!’

Over 80 countries are expected at this huge celebration of amateur muaythai from all five continents. Athletes in three female divisions – 51kgs, 54kgs and 60kgs – along with males in eight divisions are targeting World Games spots as well as the much-prized IFMA Gold medals.

Hansel and Gretel from The World Games 2017 at the airport on their way to Minsk for the IFMA Championships!

Hansel and Gretel have a packed schedule as they will also join the athletes on cultural outings and events. They will also attend the UNSCO-IFMA conference. High-profile delegates from UNESCO are flying in to Minsk continue the partnership on futhering equality through the power of sport.

They’ve also agreed to come along on the 9th of May when a special ceremony will take place involving all the countries to promote unity and diversity, and world peace. This will be done together with the government of Belarus

Gretel said: ‘It’s all very exciting! And we know this is the first Championships since IFMA received IOC-recognition as a federation. The World Games and the Olympics are together part of one sports family, and we are happy that IFMA athletes are joining on the pathway.’

Daily results and programme will be on the IFMA website!

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