Athletes Commission

Athletes Commission

I am a simplistic and bubbly perfectionist. I aspire to inspire before I expire. I was put on this earth to make a difference in someone's life on a daily basis. My greatest fear is being average, I was born to be more than that. 


I pride myself in my level of commitment and dedication toward any task at hand. Working hard and earning something is far more rewarding than simply being given something. Lets be real here, its not about what others THINK you have achieved but knowing in yourself what you have achieved. I believe I can be a mentor for other fighters, both male and female, and I wish to pursue that over the years to come. 


I am currently the WKN Australian Title holder, WKA Australian Title holder, WMC NSW State title holder, 2 x Australian National Champ, 2x World champs bronze medalist, Pro female fighter of the year 2015, inspirational fighter of the year 2016 and have and will continue to mentor female fighters through my athlete page and other social media platforms.

Yolanda Schmidt

I believe Oceania is the perfect platform and a goal would be to further broaden the exposure of Female Muaythai Fighters across the globe. With all hands on deck Oceania has the ability to further educate fighters and non fighters so as to avoid the reaction of "what is Muaythai" when asked what fighting we do.


I'd like to expose the underlying commitments and dedication of fighters and the vast differences and similarities between male and female fighters. The playing fields are more accommodating of female fighters now thanks to big female names who have paved the way, I would like to continue paving the way. Inspiring young athletes, male or female, to pursue Muaythai as their chosen sport.


I would love to assist any athlete, male or female with anything, big or small, in achieving your goals. I am one click away. Feel free to contact me regarding fight or non fight related issues, for advice on nutrition, taping, stretching, exercise, thought processing etc. 

I am contactable via inbox message on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email on my website (Website will be launched today or tomorrow)


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I look forward to being a role model to others and assisting in providing wider exposure to the sport i have such a passion for.


Kind regards