OMAF is the Official Oceania Continental Federation of IFMA (International federation of Muaythai Amateur).



OMFA (Oceania Muaythai Federation Amateur) is one of the five (5) Continental Muaythai organisations under IFMA (International Federation of Muaythai Amateur). The other four (4) are: Africa, Asia and Europe and Pan America. OMFA encompasses the entire Oceania Continent. We have total of 10 member nations. The Oceania Muaythai Amateur Federation functions solely to provide members everything they need to enable their member schools to train athletes to the best of their ability in both mind and body.

OMFA coordinates various activities of IFMA, promotes Muaythai development, organizes seminars, lectures, championships and tournaments, promotes rank and referee status, tests, distributes and advises on new equipment and generally advises members in all aspects of Muaythai.

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